Softy Ice Cream Machine

No. of Flavor: 2+1 Mix
Power Consumption: 1800 Watts
Cooling Capacity: 200 Cones/Hour*
Size (LxWxH): 22″x24″x54″
Ice Cream Mix (Milk) Storage Capacity : 8L + 8L = 16L
Low Power Consumption: 1800 Watts.
5 KW Voltage Stabilizer included.
Latest Robust and Attractive Design.
Advanced Digital Control Panel and Display with Intelligent Control by using the Latest Technology.
Cone Counting function
Air Pump to Soft the Ice Cream and increase no. of cones from Milk.
Auto Cleaning function.
Additional separate Compressor for pre-cooling the Ice Cream Mix (Milk) in Day mode and preserve the Ice Cream Mix (Milk) in Night mode.