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Himalay Soda Fountain is known for its proven experience in Manufacturing of all kind of Soda Fountain Machines as well as all the Refrigeration products since 1992. All our Soda Fountain Machines are so engineered and designed that they can perfectly satisfy your requirements for shops, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, commercial offices etc… Where you can refresh your valuable customers or employees with cold drinks.

Our Soda Fountain Machines are made with the highest quality parts from well-known Global companies like Lancer, Tecumseh, Emerson, Crompton, Subzero, Procon, etc…
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Our Products

Our all the Soda Machine includes the Bottom Stand, CO2 regulator, Syrup tanks and required fittings and comes with the valves for non-carbonated (without Gas) flavor (Mango flavor), For example: Model 8+2 means, 8 flavors with Gas + 2 flavors without Gas + 1 Plain Soda.

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